Highfields (Qld) Equestrian Centre

Warmblood training and breeding facility North of Toowoomba in Queensland


The facilities we have available are a 60x30m Indoor Arena with lights available per hour. The indoor have been professionally surfaced by ELD (Equestrian Land Developments). We also have a 20x60m Outdoor arena which is fully fenced. The roundyard which is lined and has a great surface for lunging horses. A kitchenette is also available which is available for clinics and comes with the arena hire, fully equiped with a fridge, kettle, sink, microwave, shower and decomposable toilet.

Agistment is available on request. Small yards with shelters are available as well as larger paddocks per horse or for a maximum of 2 horses per paddock. All the above facilities come with weekly agistment as well as shared containers to keep your feed and saddlery in and cemented washbays. All paddocks are well kept and well fenced with plenty of water readily available. If you are wishing to spell your horse or need somewhere they can relax with plently of feed and other horses we also have limited spaces in our back paddock which is filled with great pasture! There are limited spaces left for all agistment so get in quick!



 Indoor Arena under the lights(Above)

Kitchette outside the Indoor Arena(Above)

Outdoor arena(Below)



Round Yard(Above)